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Time and Space
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Theme areas of the website

 Time and space in the CITY
Policies with regard to time and space, orientations of the region, territorial plan of office hours in the city, good practices expressed by various organizations within the territory.

 CULTURE, prospects
Section on the different cultures that intersect with the themes of time and space.

 Time and space for WORK
Fallout in terms of time and space of the changes in the economy, work, harmonization of time, flexibility of job hours and temporary jobs.

 Workshop on SPACE
A storehouse of projects to help us rethink the city and the territory, and the extent to which we can reshape it to adapt to the needs of those who live in it, taking account of different individuals and stages of life.

 Time and space FOR OURSELF
Section devoted to the time and space in which we look after ourself.

"Time and Space" project

Regional website for time and space: building a network to promote and publish real experiences

The project "Regional website for time and space: building a network to promote and publish real experiences", grows out of the work of the City of Prato and the website editorial group that edits the website with full autonomy of its editorial, managerial and organizational policies

Goals of the project

The project of the new regional Time and Space website has the following goals:
  1. To facilitate the exchange and knowledge of experiences by different organizations active within the regional territory on the themes of reconciliation/harmonization in the use of time and the quality of life in the cities and throughout the area.

  2. To focus on national and international experiences centered on the connection between time and space in daily life and on the participation of individuals with all their particular needs and expectations.

  3. To add to the documentary resources available in the region starting with the Time and Space Fund (Tesp) at the Lazzerini Library of Prato and the Center of Documentation on gender culture of the regional Equal Opportunities commission.


Managing Organization for implementation



The information services of the website are constantly updated with reporting of: