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The work group

The editorial staff functions autonomously and is organized as a work group. It is attentive to links with national and international associations and institutions, with particular reference to the experiences and good practices existing in Tuscany.

The working methods for publication on the web of the new regional website in 2004 review everything done from 1997 to the present by the editorial staff of www.comune.prato.it/tempi, which is the starting point for the new stage of development.
All the experiences, methods, modes of publication on the web of topics related to the time and space in which we live are here, though in expanded form as the area of contents to be handled has grown.
Some of the items published on the website come from the CD entitled "Cronotopie", Prato 2004, that tells of the experience of the editorial staff which managed the above website from 1997 until February 2004.


  1. Full autonomy of the editorial staff in the choice of subjects, the organization of the work, the management of the website and the items offered for sale, as well as the catalogue of documentary material for the Time and Space Documentary Fund (Tesp). This fund has its headquarters at the Lazzerini Library in Prato.
  2. Selection of the topics to be updated by rote on each of the main theme areas, new emerging themes in the area and debates and studies in progress.
  3. The fundamental criterion for the choice of periodical publication of complex documents is that they be examples of "good practice", anchored to the subjects, through the different meanings and ways of perceiving them and with the goal of ensuring the spread of information and possible introduction in other contexts. The choice is thus to move towards positive, creative values.
  4. Use of a language that takes account of the differences between the sexes to give effective voice to the different individuals who speak and, aside from gender, also in the technical part of the editorial content of the web pages and in the content of texts and images.
  5. The breadth of this holistic approach is also reflected in the equal importance and visibility given to the theme areas indicated on the web cover page, which indicates and focuses attention on the reciprocal bonds between the many aspects of our time and space in daily life. The complexity that we wish to bring out in the themes discussed derives from the variety of origins and different professional skills within the editorial group, that is constantly enhanced by the contributions of outside consultants at the national level.
    Along this pathway we have tried to develop and promote, also thanks to the internet, positive thinking and "good practices" in the collective imagination.

Editorial Group

Marta Bonetti, Graziella Casarin, Fanny Di Cara, Claudia Giorgetti, Mariangela Giusti, Albert Mayr, Corrado Marcetti, Angela Ortolani, Danila Scala, Adriana Vitali

Technical coordination

Claudia Giorgetti - Civic Network of the City of Prato
website of the City of Prato
website of the Civic Network

Editorial secretary

Loretta Baldi (Fondazione Michelucci) telefono 055 597149 fax 055 59268


Silvia Filippelli, Eugenia Galateri, Silvia Gambi, Gabriella Paolucci, Chiara Mellini, Ilaria Mileo, Mariella Pala, Lucia Perucci, Marco Mareggi, Alessandra Bigini, Caterina Satta, Ilaria Sequi
Flavio Casadei Della Chiesa, Nadia Munastra
Valentino Bianco, Maria Patrelli, Brigitte Wohack
 Cover design:
Works by Federica Filippelli, Giuliano Ghelli, Annalisa Moles, Carlotta Pardini

The editorial staff of the website meets once a month and invites different experts to report on the topics selected for publication on the website.

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