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Policies of the website www.tempiespazi.toscana.it

The documents that are the subject of this policy can be found at the URL http://www.tempiespazi.toscana.it/
The informative note refers to this website only and not to other links.




Any of the texts, comments, reviews, reports and bibliographical data found on the website can be published freely, although the source should be mentioned (author and website).

There are pages and sections in this website taken from the previous version (from 1997 to early 2004). They are the property of the City of Prato and/or the authors.

The images on the website are the property of the artists and can only be used with the explicit authorization of the author.

The structure of the website, and in particular the graphics, layout, style sheets and codes may not be reproduced; they remain the exclusive property of the work group, the authors and the financing organization (they are covered by copyright).
To use these contents a specific request must be made to the City of Prato (Via Ricasoli,16 - 59100 Prato e-mail comuneprato@comune.prato.it) which will provide to contact the individual owners and respond.