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Time and space in the CITY

Policies and experience: guidelines and good practice expressed by the different organizations operating in the area

Actions and ideas drawn from the casual conversation of men and women on the many types of time and space that intersect throughout our everyday life: rules and laws, instruments of regional, national and international programming, innovative territorial experiences.

 CULTURE, prospects

   Individuality and conceptual representations of time, space, art, communication

Stories, studies, anecdotes, performances, group activities.

 Workshop on SPACE

 Open to creativity to build and enhance culture of the space we live in.

Projects, studies, real experiences and good practices to transform everyday time and space in creative and positive ways.

 Time and space for WORK

 The work we do and our daily life: thoughts, ideas, wishes

Relationships that link our work to time and space, what is changing, in what ways and what it means.

 Time and space FOR OURSELF

  Getting to know the person who is “me”, the rediscovery of leisure

Pictures, poems, stories, cartoons, in a chosen time and space.


Conferences, initiatives and events

Documentary resources

Books and articles, theses and research projects, libraries and documentation centers

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Legal References

 Laws and regulations of interest

Links of particular interest

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